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Electronic Music Production

All I know about making electronic music, will be updated regularly.

Sorry Pluto (2019)

Sorry Pluto is my fifth single, this song is about the lonely and planet-kind star, Pluto. Vocal recorded in Studio One, mix and mastering completed in Garage Band. Lyrics Since I was born,nothing has changedSince I was born,death and blood surround us Instruments Hammered piano, synth bass,...

Solar (2019)

Solar is my fourth single. This song is about planets we share the same solar system Lyrics (in Italian) Mercurio, Venere, Terra, Marte, Giove, Saturno, Urano, Nettuno Instruments Synths, chill chords, shake, kicks

Ner’de (2019)

Ner’de (wher’) is my third single. Lyrics Nerdeler, o günlerNerde alıştığım renkler Nerde… Instruments Chill chords, synths, electro guitar, vocal, vocal loops, snares

Recyclable Loop (2019)

Rescylable Loop is my second single. Recorded in Studio One. Some loops are generated in Garage Band. Instuments:Synths, vocals, oud

Bu Sesler Yok (2019)

Bu sesler yok (absent voices) is my first single. Recorded in Garage Band, edited & mastered with One Studio. Lyrics (in Turkish)Son dakikada geldin aklıma, unutmuştum seniBu sesler yok.Yol geçer, hanı kalır.Gerisi yok Son dakikada geldin aklıma, unutmuştum seniBu sesler yok.Tozlanır, buzlanır.Bir an kalır, gerisi yok Instruments...

Chillout Beats

Here is the chillout beats I loved from other resources. Chillout music is being a popular sub-genre under the electronic music and many producers started to create chillout beats. I’ve picked my Top 15 Chillout Beats on Spotify and created a playlist (You can listen here or...