How to upload to Spotify as an artist

Spotify has more than 250 million active users worldwide and it has disrupted the music distributing industry. You may wonder how to upload to Spotify as an artist, here is the packed guide.

Releasing music online was funny in 2000s. I’ve used MySpace, Soundcloud and Vimeo during these years and loved the experience they provided. My first Soundcloud upload is from 6 years ago, in 2014. Wow, time flies 🙂

I’ve started to use Spotify in 2012 as a listener, the first album I’ve saved my library was Skyline from Yann Tiersen. He is probably the reason I bought Spotify Premium. Then I wanted to upload my own music to Spotify as an artist.

How to upload to Spotify as an artist?

1. Choose your label / music distribution company

I’ve recorded my first album Atmospheres in 2015 and released it on the Soundcloud. 3 years ago, I wondered if I can upload this album to Spotify too. I made a quick web search about how to create Spotify artist account, how to upload music, what’s the Spotify artist pricing etc.

Then I’ve found a useful help page which is owned by Spotify named Provider Directory for Spotify Artist. This page contains a list of music distributors you can choose for uploading your music to Spotify.

Spotify Provider Directory for Artists

I liked the Provider Directory concept because I was new to upload music to Spotify and looking for trusted music distributors. Spotify made the decision making easier for me with sharing “Preferred Providers” in the list.

There were couple of online music distribution companies in the list like Distrokid, CD Baby, EmuBands, Record Union, The Orchard and more. I’ve made quick comparison, read some reviews and decided to use Distrokid to upload my music to Spotify.

2. Create a Spotify account

To upload your music an artist, first you need to create a user account on Spotify. You’ll claim your profile as an artist after you’ll release your first music to Spotify.

Spotify requires licence for all tracks to be uploaded to the platform. That’s why you need to work with a label, record or independent music distributing company to release your music.

Once you upload your first music to Spotify, then you can claim your profile as an artist.

3. Upload your music to Spotify

Every music distribution company has their own way to upload the music, I use Distrokid and prepared a complete guide about how to release music with Distrokid. You can check out my guide after you read this post.

You don’t have to use Distrokid to upload your music as an artist, you can choose a provider from the list and start to publish your work.

4. Claim your profile as artist on Spotify

Once the label or service provider release upload to your music to Spotify, you can go to Claim your profile for Spotify Artist page. You can search your name to claim your profile as below:

You can search your artist name which you’ve created through your distribution company or copy the artist URI you may find in the Spotify artist profile

If you find the correct artist profile, Spotify lets you make a claim. You need to login with your Spotify account to claim an artist profile, then Spotify asks details about the artist profile you want to claim.

If the artist is already claimed, you’ll see a warning as “This artist profile has already been claimed. Ask your team to invite you to Spotify for Artists”.

Do you have more questions on how to upload your music to Spotify? Just send your questions as comments, I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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