How to release music with Distrokid

Releasing music online seems difficult and “exclusive” if you didn’t try before. In this post I’ll share my own experience on how to release music with Distrokid.

Distrokid is an online and independent digital music distribution service, founded in 2013. There are several online music distribution services you can choose, I am using Distrokid from 2017 because it’s easy to use and reliable.

How to release music with Distrokid in 4 steps:

Step 1: Sign-up to Distrokid

Here is the easiest part, just go to Distrokid website and complete the sign-up in 2 mins. You’ll only need your e-mail address to create your account.

How much it costs to release your music with Distrokid?

As of April 2020, releasing unlimited music with Distrokid for year is $19.99 (please remind costs may change during time).

You can get %7 discounts if you register Distrokid with my referral link below:

Distributing your music to multiple platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and 150+ other stores & streaming services is included to the yearly subscription.*

Step 2: Connecting your music platform accounts

To release your music with Distrokid, you need to connect your streaming platform profiles like Apple Music or Spotify.

When you connect your Spotify Artist profile and Apple Music to your Distrokid account you’ll see your connected profiles in music upload steps as above.

How to create your Spotify Artist account? I’ll prepare another post about this popular question 🙂

Step 3: Prepare your music for Distrokid

After the sign-up you are ready to prepare your music for online distribution. You’ll need digital version of your music (mp3, aac or wave), a cover image and your preferences.

  • Digital version of your music: You can use your songs in MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, WAVE, FLAC or CDDA formats.

Things you need to know before release your music with Distrokid

Release Date

When you release a new music on digital platforms Release Date matters. Make sure you selected the release date minimum 4 weeks after your submission date. After you’ve submitted the music, it takes time to get approval from online music platforms.

For example, your music is being ready for Spotify in 4-7 days. To prevent missing the launches, you need to add some buffer to your release date. I always pick the as 4 week after my submission date to release my music in Distrokid.


Here is another cool thing what I like on Distrokid. Once you submit your music for release, Distrokid creates a landing page that you can share with your audience before the release.

For example this is my HyperFollow landing page for one of my single named Solar. It provides links to your Artist profiles on online music platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and more. It’s a pretty easy way if you don’t have a website for your music.

Distrokid HyperFollow landing pages looks like this, it directs your audience to your artist profiles on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and more.

Add your music to Shazam and Siri

When you are releasing your music with Distrokid, there is an option to send your music to Shazam and Siri platforms. I find this feature useful because millions of people use Shazam to find music they listen and it helps to grow an audience.

If you don’t submit your music to these platforms, probably your music will not shown when someone search your music. According your popularity and listening performance you music will be synced with Shazam and Siri but if you are a brand new musician, it will fasten your recognition.

You’ll see the Shazam and Siri option in Distrokid Upload page as above. Adding your music to Shazam and Siri costs $0.99 per year / per song.

Do you guys have other features you like in Distrokid? Just add these as comments so I can share more details about them.

*According to Distrokid terms.


  1. So if I am right, Distrokid is like an automation tool for publishing your music.
    But I wanna know, can I do all of this on my own like releasing my music to online listening services or publish on Shazam like services?

    • fuzun Reply

      Yes you can release your music on your own with using Distrokid and add your music to Shazam & Siri (adding your music to Shazam costs additional $0.99 per song / year)

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