Electronic Music Production

Hi. This is Faruk and this post is about my electronic music production experience. I’ve started to record samples and simple loops around 2000s, I used to make remixes of popular songs, reverse and remastered beats and recorded my first vocals.

Literally below Casio SA-11 keyboard was my first studio from 1997 and it still works!

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The first keyboard from 1997.

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The first software I’ve used was Audacity. Not an option for electronic music production but it’s an open software, free and super useful alternative to play with sounds. Actually this is how every music creation journey starts, playing with sounds.

How to start electronic music production

Well, I’m not a position of giving lessons for new producers but learning from other people who make music is super useful. This is where I’ve started:

I define myself as a music maker who is searching the harmony between technology and music. Even recording a cat meow and changing the pitch, adding distortion or applying EQ can give you a unique synth. Here is an example for you:

I’ve downloaded a cat meow sound, first reversed the voice, then changed the pitch, added echo & delay and kicks. Did you hear the electro guitar-like sound? 🙂

Not a perfect one, but gives you a reason to start. If playing with voices excites you, probably you have enough motivation to make electronic music.

Now we can talk about which equipment you’ll need for electronic music production or what’s the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Software. I’m not a fan of these questions, so that’s all for now 🙂 I’ll add my recommendations with updating this post, but as a first step just download a free sound editor, record some voices even using with your phone mic and play with it!

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