Chillout Beats

Here is the chillout beats I loved from other resources. Chillout music is being a popular sub-genre under the electronic music and many producers started to create chillout beats.

I’ve picked my Top 15 Chillout Beats on Spotify and created a playlist (You can listen here or see below). I’ve also shared my comments on some of these songs, you can find below the playlist. Tempo is around 120-125 bpm for this playlist, some might be faster.

Listening this playlist always makes me relaxed, let’s say chilled. No doubt, I’ve also impressed by some of these songs when I create my chillout beats. It’s kind of you are what you listen / eat / read thing.

In terms of instruments I don’t think there are specific instruments for making chillout beats. Even recording a sound of woodblocks, tapping to a pillow or glass should be your kick. It’s open to be discussed but I love to use vocals in chillout tracks. Human voice is giving a pure atmosphere to a down tempo beat.

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